Free e-guidebooks about rock climbing on Curacao

This page acts as a placeholder to share free e-guidebooks about rock climbing on the island of Curacao with the global climbing community.

If you have any questions about these e-guidebooks please send an e-mail to

1. Fort Beekenburg Climbing Area 

To get the latest version (1.3), click here.

Latest news: as this area relatively new - climbing commenced in the last quarter of 2019 - please keep in mind that you may encounter the odd bit of loose rock. If you encounter pieces that are too big too remove safely (or that will damage bolts when pushed out), please make me aware of this using the e-mail address below and I will take care of it. Thank you!

2. Seru Kabritu North Face

To get the latest version (0.6), click here.

Latest news: even though in November 2020 only 2 routes have been realized (of 6, as part of phase 1), the guidebook is already published. The guidebook will be updated when further routes become available. Please note that some routes that as yet are lacking a first ascent. An opportunity for glory and fame! 

3. Information about other climbing areas on the island (no guidebook available).


1) Seru Pretu/Piscadera:
2) Roi Rincon:


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